A Guide to the Ideal Golf Lifestyle

“Golf Lessons, Golf Fitness, and Golf Nutrition”

We believe that golf is a lifestyle; a lifestyle that encompasses golf instruction, golf fitness, and golf nutrition.

These are three aspects of golf that we are extremely passionate about within the Wisdom In Golf team.

Shawn is the Founder and Chairman of Wisdom In Golf; he has been teaching professionally for 35+ years and has background in human anatomy which allows him to fully understand how the human body works and how it should sync up with the golf swing.

Munashe is our head kinesiologist with an extensive background in high performance fitness and nutrition. He has a huge passion for golf specific fitness, functional training, and healthy eating.

Our lastest Golf Lessons Videos and News

A Flavorful Twist for a Healthy Golf Lifestyle: Curry Chicken Salad Recipe by Olivia Adriance

  In the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle, finding delicious and versatile recipes is a true delight. Recently, we stumbled upon a culinary gem on the Instagram page of “olivia.adriance” – her mouthwatering Curry Chicken Salad recipe. This … Read More

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Sweet Greens: The Nutritious Fuel for Golfers On the Go

When it comes to fueling their bodies for peak performance, golfers need a balanced and nutrient-dense diet. With demanding schedules and limited time for meals, finding quick and nourishing options can be a challenge. This is where Sweet Greens comes … Read More

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Exploring the Importance of Discovering Your Local Healthy Restaurants: A Closer Look at Restaurant Colibri in Quebec City

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and quick fixes often dominate our choices, it’s crucial to prioritize our health and well-being. One effective way to do so is by exploring and embracing the local healthy restaurant scene. These hidden gems … Read More

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Powering Up Your Game: The Benefits of a Protein-Packed Breakfast for Golfers

When it comes to excelling in any sport, proper nutrition plays a vital role in achieving peak performance. For avid golfers, starting the day with a protein-packed breakfast can provide a winning advantage on the course. This article explores the … Read More

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Unlock Your Golfing Potential with Wild-Caught Salmon: A Golfer’s Superfood

As golfers, we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance our performance on the course. While practicing swings and honing our skills are vital, optimizing our nutrition can also make a significant difference in our game. One superfood … Read More

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Fueling Your Golf Game: Pre-Round and On-Course Lunch Bowls

Playing a round of golf requires focus, stamina, and energy. As golfers, we often find ourselves in need of a quick and nutritious meal that can fuel our bodies and keep us going throughout the game. Enter the world of … Read More

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Unleashing Your Golfing Potential: Exploring the Benefits of AG1

For golfers, the pursuit of improvement is a constant endeavor. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate amateur, you understand the importance of honing your skills to achieve peak performance on the greens. In this blog post, we delve … Read More

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Elevating Your Culinary Experience with a Traeger Smoker

In the realm of outdoor cooking, the Traeger smoker has earned its reputation as a game-changer. This innovative cooking apparatus combines the traditional art of smoking with cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless and unparalleled cooking experience. Whether you’re a … Read More

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The Key to Wellness: Embracing Balance in Your Diet

In our fast-paced world, where convenience and instant gratification often take center stage, maintaining a balanced diet can be challenging. However, the importance of achieving equilibrium in our nutritional choices cannot be overstated. A well-balanced diet not only provides the … Read More

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The Art of Homemade Pasta: Unveiling the True Flavours of Italy and Its Nutritional Benefits when Travelling

When it comes to experiencing the culinary wonders of Italy, one cannot overlook the significance of finding authentic homemade pasta at Italian restaurants. In a country known for its rich gastronomic heritage, traditional pasta-making techniques have been perfected over generations. … Read More

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