A Guide to the Ideal Golf Lifestyle

“Golf Lessons, Golf Fitness, and Golf Nutrition”

We believe that golf is a lifestyle; a lifestyle that encompasses golf instruction, golf fitness, and golf nutrition.

These are three aspects of golf that we are extremely passionate about within the Wisdom In Golf team.

Shawn is the Founder and Chairman of Wisdom In Golf; he has been teaching professionally for 35+ years and has background in human anatomy which allows him to fully understand how the human body works and how it should sync up with the golf swing.

Munashe is our head kinesiologist with an extensive background in high performance fitness and nutrition. He has a huge passion for golf specific fitness, functional training, and healthy eating.

Our lastest Golf Lessons Videos and News

Sunny Side Up Eggs w. Avocado Salad & Sausage

Hi! Today I wanted to make a super easy breakfast/lunch that felt light and fresh and delicious! Here is what you need: 1 Mini Cucumber 1/2 of an Avocado 5 Cherry Tomatoes 2 Eggs 1 Sausage Lemon Juice Salt & … Read More

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Smoked Butternut & Cauliflower Soup

Hi everyone! I have the easiest and most delicious fall soup this week!  It is super healthy, filling and will warm you up on these cool fall days!  Peel and cube 1 medium size butternut squash  Cut up 1 head … Read More

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Smoked Stuffed Chicken Breast & Fall Roasted Veggies

Hi everyone! As we move into the colder months it is the perfect time to start cooking with more hearty foods!  We made smoked chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, Black Forest ham & goat cheese as well as smoked butternut … Read More

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Avocado Toast

One of my all time favourite breakfast is avocado toast and I think a lot of people can relate to that one!  It is just so good!  It is super easy to make and super nutritious! It is important that … Read More

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Sweet Potato Salad

Hi everyone, This week we celebrated Munashe’s birthday and he requested a sweet potato salad as a side dish to his famous brisket and of course I was more than happy to make this for him! I found a super … Read More

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Steak & Potatoes

Hi everyone! We are back with another amazing post round of golf dinner!  If you haven’t noticed yet, we like to go all out on our dinners because dinner is the best meal of the day, in our opinions!  We … Read More

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DROP THE MIC ON HOW THE WRISTS SHOULD LOAD AND BE POSITIONED FOR COMPRESSIVE POWER, ACCURACY, AND LONGEVITY!! Come on, stop finagling your wrists into knots trying to square the clubface and stop slicing. THERE IS A WAY BETTER WAY!! … Read More

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Matcha Latte w. Oat Milk & Honey

Hi everyone! I have been on a food journey to less sugar and less dairy for some health reasons so let’s just say that I have had to get creative with finding alternatives to my usual drinks and treats!  I … Read More

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Miso Ramen with Smoked Pork Chop

Hi everyone! For this recipe, we tried something that we had never made before.  We got a little cold snap here in Quebec City and I was craving a warm comforting bowl of soup after a chilly round of golf … Read More

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Smoked Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese

Hi everyone! We have an amazing smoked salmon pizza with cauliflower crust that we made on our smoker and it was unreal!  We have a Trager Smoker and it was the best investment that we have ever made, we cook … Read More

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