A Guide to the Ideal Golf Lifestyle

“Golf Lessons, Golf Fitness, and Golf Nutrition”

We believe that golf is a lifestyle; a lifestyle that encompasses golf instruction, golf fitness, and golf nutrition.

These are three aspects of golf that we are extremely passionate about within the Wisdom In Golf team.

Shawn is the Founder and Chairman of Wisdom In Golf; he has been teaching professionally for 35+ years and has background in human anatomy which allows him to fully understand how the human body works and how it should sync up with the golf swing.

Munashe is our head kinesiologist with an extensive background in high performance fitness and nutrition. He has a huge passion for golf specific fitness, functional training, and healthy eating.

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This is definately one of your favourite recipes of all time and it is probably one of the easiest things we make at home!  Its a meal that you can’t really mess up no matter how hard you try.  These … Read More

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Life is about healthy balances and we are firm believers in not depriving yourself of things you love to eat but we do so in moderation.  On my path to intuitive eating I have realized that YES, I can have … Read More

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Advanced chipping hacks are here! Pure chip shots start right here! Duffing chip short? Skulling Chips too long? Lower body still while chipping? Epic Mistake! This video will explain why your contact, touch, trajectory, and direction are off on what … Read More

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The Best On Course Snacks

A 4+ hour round of golf is long;  too long to go without food or snacks!   But you want to make sure that you are fulling your body with the right foods so you can re energize for the … Read More

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Shrimp Salad

Hi Everyone! As summer is approaching I know a lot of us are craving more fresh, light, healthy salads and I have the perfect recipe for you!  the best part about salads is that you can customize it to your … Read More

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THIS GOLFER SMOKES HIS 3 WOOD OVER 300 YARDS🚀🚀 WOW!! | Wisdom in Golf | Golf WRX |

Man, you gotta see Mu hit his 3 wood over 300 yards with incredible club speed and ball speed; JUST AMAZING!! We show you how to stop topping it, get natural width for more effortless speed so you can crush … Read More

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Stellar Eats

I have recently discovered a brand called Stellar Eats and it has been the best food discovery in a long time!  Listen, I am super passionate about healthy, clean eating but I have a major sweet tooth and it has … Read More

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Natura Market | Your One Stop Shop To All Things Healthy

Hi Everyone!   Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is doing well! Today I wanted to talk to you all about a food website that I have been using for a year now that I discovered through my curiosity of … Read More

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Healthy & Guilt Free Pancakes!?

Hi hi!! I bet most of us thought that a healthy and guilt free pancake stack did not exist right!?  Well, I discovered a brand called Stellar Eats and they make the most amazing baking mixes!  From brownies to pizza … Read More

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