Cable Rotation (Shoulder Level)

Hi everyone!

Continuing on from last week’s exercise, the Cable Swing (Head Level), I have another version to show you all.  This version of a cable swing does a great job in cultivating rotational power for your golf swing.  This exercise primarily works the oblique muscle group, which helps in adding power to your rotational movements.  Athletes in certain sports such as golf will benefit from this movement as it increases your rotational strength and power output.  Additionally, stronger abdominal and back muscles will relive pressure and stress in other areas of your body.

Fun Fact:

A study done by the US Spine and Sport Centre of San Diego published in February 2003, edition of “Orthopaedics”, revealed that by performing torso rotation exercises, one can not only stop a curve in their back from getting worse, but it can also correct a patients spine by helping balance strength and range of motion in both sides of the back.  Since scoliosis. Patients suffer from asymmetric thoracic muscular development, the isolated strengthening of the muscles that rotate the torso appear to improve the weaker side of their backs.


1. Adjusts the pulley system to chest height.  Step out and away from the weight. Feet shoulder width apart.  Stand with a tight core and straight back facing the cable machine.  Pull across your body as you rotate until your back faces the cable machine.

2. Return to the starting position.

3. Perform reps for both sides.



– 2-3 times a week

– 3-4 sets

– 8-12 reps per side




Have a great week!


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