Ever wondered which way is the best way to chip a shot? Especially between an open clubface versus a square clubface. In this GOLF LESSON, I’ll explain and show you that both methods work just fine as long as you have the right task in mind! Moreover, ill will show you how to play a simple flop shot out of the rough and take bunker shots to the next level of simple and manageable. This is going to be fun for all of you to try! ????????????‍♂️


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00:00 Shawn Clement Introduces the golf lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:12 How to chip a golf shot with a square face & an open face

03:24 Golf Chip shot with a square face and open face w/ Sav

04:34 Open face & square face golf chip shots w/ Mu

05:57 How to play and set up for a flop golf shot

07:54 Drill: Tossing sandbag onto the green (Bunker shots)

09:57 Tossing the sandbag w/ Savvy & Mu

12:22 Shawn concludes the golf lesson


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Shawn Clement Head Director of Development at The Royal Quebec Golf Club / Shawn Clement Directeur Général du au Club de Golf Royal Québec: The Royal Quebec Golf Club



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