Divot patterns

Stopped by the Travellers Championship on the way back from my New Jersey trip on my way home to Quebec City last week. After the end of the tournament, the range was a ghost town and I took the opportunity to go take snap shots of divot patterns from the pros; here are 2 meticulous ones and one less so.

Notice how they were able to keep some grass rows in between the divots?  So impressive! This is what we call productive practice; you clearly see the flags they were aiming at and swinging towards.  This is how we get consistent.

The way they achieve this is by using the grass at the back of the divots and continuing to use the existing divot to swing through as their intermediate point.  When you set up on the par 3 holes, set up behind a divot that points in the direction you want to start your ball and your shots on par 3s will feel the same as in practice.

You know they are staying with the shot and staying focused on delivering to the target throughout the motion when the same depth of divot is repeated all the time!
See how yours measures up next time you go out!


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