Exercise of the Week- Cable Rotation

Hi everyone!

This weeks exercise is great for strength and mobility and it is very specific to golf.  This movement targets the movement of a backswing, the weight shift in a downswing, and the clearing of the hips in your follow through.  This exercise helps you build mobility from the pelvis through the sacrum, it also helps to build rotational strength, which adds more power to your swing.


1.  With your arms straight, allow your body to fully rotate towards the machine.
2.  Have your feet shoulder width apart with you left knee slightly bent and engage your core.
3.  Anchor yourself by applying pressure through the arches of your feet.
4.  Rotate your body by allowing your arms to come across your body.
5.  Slowly return to the starting position while maintaining oblique engagement and straight arms.

3-4 sets
10-14 repetitions
2-3 times per week



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