Golf Exercise of Week – One Arm Pull Across (Golf Fit Pro)Wisdom

February 1, 2021

Author: Wisdom in Movement


Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great week and keeping up with the new year resolution.

Foe this week we have a cool exercise called One Arm Pull Across inspired by Nick Randall (Golf Fit Pro) and this exercise really target the muscles around the shoulder. You can perform this exercise with a cable machine or a light resistance band for the best outcome. You can do this exercise before a round of golf or before your workout.



The One Arm Pull Across touches on a lot parameters when you perform it correctly. You will develop better shoulder stability and strength at the same time you will notice the requirement for core engagement. The exercise plays a key role in improving your lead arm’s stability in your follow through of your golf swing.





  1. Position your band or cable to shoulder level. Have your feet shoulder width-apart with a slight knee bend
  2. Stand sideways to the anchor point of the band or cable machine and place your lead arm in front of your body
  3. Pull arm across the body, aiming for solid scapula control
  4. Once arm gets straight in front of the body, and rotate torso and hips through


One Arm Pull Across


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