This first move in the downswing is very much a product of the right focus on a specific task that will engage the body’s “self preserving system” to shift weight on time and clear the hips the right amount to find the direction we want to start the ball according to the flight plan we chose to begin with. To do this well, we need to understand how the weight shifts from the backswing into the downswing as this will prepare the transition to facilitate this engagement. We have such an amazing machine; all we need to do is give it the right simple task!


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00:00 Shawn Introduces the Lesson

01:37 Engaging proper the weight-shift in the kinetic chain

04:10 Exercise: The Walking Drill

05:15 Finding a Task to maintain your focus

08:22 Sav and Mu demonstrating their downswings

09:11 Shawn ends the Lesson


Look at the proper weight-shift being engaged
Proper Weight-shift being engaged for the downswing


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