IN THIS INCREDIBLE VIDEO, we show you the SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between what hitting down vs hitting up on the driver does; which absolutely confirms why Kyle Berkshire went from 5th in the world in long drive competitions to WORLD CHAMPION. Savy has this 7 to 9 degree positive or upward angle of attack and you will see in this video, just the difference of 4 degrees can affect the outcome by over 50 to 80 yards!!

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00:00 Shawn Introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu

00:50 Hitting down on the golf ball w/ the driver w/ Savannah

03:23 Hitting up on the golf ball w/ the driver w/ Savannah

05:00 Results: Savannah gains 70 yards

06:34 Hitting down on the ball w/ Mu

07:57 Hitting up on the ball w/ Mu

08:20 Fine-Tuning Mu’s focus with the Driver

11:00 Results: Mu shaves a 1,000rpms off the ball

11:47 Shawn hitting down on the golf ball w/ the driver

14:32 Shawn hitting up on the golf ball w/ the driver

15:30 Results: Shawn gains 80 yards hitting up

15:59 Shawn concludes the Lesson

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