IN THIS INCREDIBLE VIDEO, we show you the SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between what hitting down vs hitting up on the driver does. To which absolutely confirms why Kyle Berkshire went from 5th in the world in long drive competitions to WORLD CHAMPION. And lastly,  Savy has this 7 to 9 degree positive or upward angle of attack and you will see in this video, just the difference of 4 degrees can affect the outcome by over 50 to 80 yards!!

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00:00 Shawn Introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu

00:50 Hitting down on the golf ball w/ the driver w/ Savannah

03:23 Hitting up on the golf ball w/ the driver w/ Savannah

05:00 Results: Savannah gains 70 yards

06:34 Hitting down on the ball w/ Mu

07:57 Hitting up on the ball w/ Mu

08:20 Fine-Tuning Mu’s focus with the Driver

11:00 Results: Mu shaves a 1,000rpms off the ball

11:47 Shawn hitting down on the golf ball w/ the driver

14:32 Shawn hitting up on the golf ball w/ the driver

15:30 Results: Shawn gains 80 yards hitting up

15:59 Shawn concludes the Lesson

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