WHOA!! In this video is so important to understand STAYING DOWN THROUGH IMPACT and keep from EARLY EXTENDING that would cause TOPPED GOLF SHOTS, or THIN SHOTS, or hitting shots off the toe because you are STANDING UP THROUGH THE BALL. Other awesome side effects are getting BETTER LAG THROUGH IMPACT AND SHALLOWING OUT THE DOWNSWING without needing to get the arms deep into the backswing which would take them off plane in the shot. The compression achieved in this WAY OF FOCUSING is absolutely blissful and will put a smile on your face!


Moe Norman achieved this through good old fashioned work hitting shots to targets and was the king of this move and we will show you the best way to get to it WITHOUT THINKING!! And lastly, see how the head stays supported throughout this motion and how centred the swing stays because of this support and the stability of the club through impact is amazing. Check out our venues for more information on

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00:00 Shawn Introduces the Lesson

01:28 Activating the Ground Forces Using Weight

03:00 How to fix Early Extension: Target & Distance to Ball

06:00 Task: Cutting Grass or Cutting the Dandelion Stem

09:05 Drill: Tossing the Golf balls to both sides

10:35 Shawn Concludes the Lesson


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  1. Andrew Martinez

    Hey Shawn any help on when to flip your wrist in the swing? I’m a former baseball player so I feel like my muscle memory is not allowing me to swing properly. I notice how your club and wrist are in the same direction at the beginning and as you pull away in your back swing you allow your wrist and club to turn and then in your down swing you align the club and wrist before the ball is hit and release at the target. But then I look at sav and her wrist in the start of her swing and it looks like she keeps her club and wrist the same throughout the backswing and impact.

    • savvymc

      Hi Andrew! Thanks for watching Shawn’s Lesson.This is Sav, I spoke to Shawn and and he recommends you check out his video on ‘Club speed release sword slash drill’ Shawn.

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