New Collaboration with Strength & Conditioning Coach Nick Randall from Golf Fit Pro

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We have some exciting news for our Wisdom In Golf family!  We were recently contacted by Nick Randall from Golf Fit Pro; he is a strength and conditioning coach from Australia who is very passionate about both fitness and golf. After a few awesome chats with Nick, we are so excited to move forward with some amazing collaboration content! We can’t wait for you guys to see all of our ideas come to light! Stay tuned!


Nick has graciously taken the time to give you all a brief insight to his journey in the golf and fitness world!  

“I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years, specialising in working with golfers of all skill levels – from PGA Tour pros to casual club players. I started Golf Fit Pro after choosing a career that combined my 2 main passions – fitness and golf. I figured that by doing what I love every day, I could have a fun and rewarding career whilst helping people achieve their goals.

I was lucky early on be involved in the state based high performance programs in Australia, which soon led to working with National and international standard players. One of those players was a young Cameron Smith and as he climbed the pro ranks and made it to the PGA Tour, I supported him through the provision of fitness, nutrition and massage services. Working with one player on tour soon led to working with multiple and I was fortunate to service Jonas Blixt, Harris English and Matt Every, alongside Cameron, for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. 

Whilst on the journey to high performance golf, I also worked with many club golfers that had a strong desire to improve their physicality, relative to bettering their golfing performance. I noticed that regardless of playing ability, everyone struggles with different aspects of their fitness and golfing performance, learning and experiencing growth at their own pace. A consistent theme was people achieving their best results from a personalised approach to their training, delivered with very clear instructions and regular assessment and review.

It was this observation (along with frustration using other platforms) that inspired me to create my own training software, in the form of the iOS app “Golf Fit Pro”. First built over 5 years ago to provide my clients with precise training information and detailed exercises guides, it’s now evolved into a stand alone, fully interactive app that anyone can use to improve their golf fitness.

Munashe and I will be using the Trainer functions in the app to write personalised training programs for our clients and track progress towards their goals. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of accessing customised training programs, then please click here for more info:

Nick Randall 
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