Life is about healthy balances and we are firm believers in not depriving yourself of things you love to eat but we do so in moderation.  On my path to intuitive eating I have realized that YES, I can have the things I love to eat and I don’t need to be afraid of loosing control around certain “guilty pleasure” foods.

I love me a goof croissant, I think a lot of us do!  They are just so dang good!  So why not enjoy the croissant and add in some extra goodness from veggies and protein for a more balanced lunch…

Take your favourite croissant and layer your favourite organic cold cuts, tomatoes, onions, and cheese.  Add some fresh herbs and grill the sandwich on a panini press for a couple of minutes.

This is one of our favourites things to have for lunch; its balanced and so satisfying!

Get creative and enjoy the joys of croissants without the guilt!

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