Recipe of the Week- Seafood Boil

Hi everyone!

This week I will be sharing our seafood boil recipe!  Seafood is a big hit in our family and when we get the chance to cook up some seafood, we take full advantage!  I would live off of seafood if I could, that how much I love it… it is nice and light, you can pair whatever flavours you want with it, and it is actually really easy to make.  A lot of people get intimidated by seafood because we think it is hard a complicated to cook but it is in fact very easy!  My favourite seafood would have to be crab legs for sure because they are delicious, simple, and quite filling!  We love this meal because you serve it all on one big platter at the centre of the table and everyone can dig in together!  It makes for the perfect Sunday family meal!

This is probably the easiest meal yet; all you need is a big pot and chose what you want to put in your seafood boil.  We usually do crab legs, lobster, small potatoes, corn on the cob, and some shrimp!  But the fun about this recipe is you can add whatever you’d like to it and you can make a different version every time; those are the best kinds of recipes!

How to Prepare:

  • You want to make sure everything is rinsed and clean
  • Bring the big pot of water to a boil and start adding in the ingredients one at a time based on what takes the longest to cook.
      • Potato, corn, lobster, crab legs, shrimp
  • If you get fresh crab legs and lobster, it will take a little longer to cook but we usually let it go for between 10-20 mins depending on the size of the lobster and crab legs.

We like to pair our seafood with a simple Lemon and Butter sauce for dipping.

  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 fresh lemon
  • 2 cloves of fresh garlic
      • (you can add some fresh or dried dill as well)
      • (you can add some smoked paprika and cayenne for a little smokey heat as well)

Hope you guys enjoy!



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