Steak & Potatoes

Hi everyone!

We are back with another amazing post round of golf dinner!  If you haven’t noticed yet, we like to go all out on our dinners because dinner is the best meal of the day, in our opinions!  We have some steak and potatoes in this family but we like to do it in a healthier way.

We make everything on the smoker which gives the food such an amazing taste but also it cooks so beautifully.  If you don’t have a Trager smoker, we strongly suggest you invest in one ASAP!

Firstly we prep the potatoes with an assortment of herbs and spices; this time we went with fresh garlic, fresh dill, fresh chive, fresh jalapeños, salt, pepper and a little bit of olive oil.  We cook this potatoes until they are tender in the centre, we also like to use the small potatoes and cut them into quarters for ease of cooking.

For the steaks, we like a good sized Tomahawk steak because it can feed pretty much everyone, we usually get two for the 5 of us.  We start them off on the smoker at 275 f for about an hour or until the internal temperature reaches 115 f.  Then we bring the smoker up to 500 f to sear off the tomahawks or until they reach on internal temperature of 135 f.  This will give you a nice medium rare cook.  Let the meat sit for 10 mins.

Lastly, we like to roast some veggies for some greens.  You can pick what you like and cook them the way you like.

I put a side of hummus on my plate for a healthy dip for the potatoes.


Hope you all enjoy!


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