Stellar Eats

I have recently discovered a brand called Stellar Eats and it has been the best food discovery in a long time!  Listen, I am super passionate about healthy, clean eating but I have a major sweet tooth and it has always been difficult to find a happy medium between eating a sweet treat and not feeling guilty about eating something that is probably not the greatest for your body.  I have also been on quite the skincare journey with hormonal acne so I have been extra careful with what I am consuming.

Once I found Stellar Eats I was so happy to know that I could indulge in something sweet and knowing that it was actually good for me!  They have such a wide variety of mixes; our favourites are the brownie mix, pancake mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, and double chocolate cookie mix!  You might be thinking, “Ummm cookies and brownie mixes!? Those can’t be healthy??” but YES they are healthy!  There only 7 ingredients in each mix and they contain keto and paleo ingredients and the sweetener is Coconut Sugar which is a much better alternative to regular refined sugars!

You guys need to try it out! Thank me later!


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