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THIS IS A BIG ONE PEOPLE!! This is where Wisdom in Golf gets to have a nice day in the sun being historically correct 15 years ago with the pumping action you now see in Bryson DeChambeau who has now officially taken over Bubba Watson as our go-to PGA tour player for demonstrating the right moves. Moreover, the quest for BIG SPEED, Bryson’s scientific mind has simply listened to the best physics teacher of all: Human Structure dealing with Planet earth. And lastly, will see 3 essential and critical aspects of effortless power in this video and see why Wisdom in Golf is your ticket to ride to acquire your very own action to target with big speed and compression. Absolutely enjoy this one!



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00:00 Shawn introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:05 Aspect of Distance I: Golf Grip – w/ Savvy

05:03 Clubhead & Ball speed analysis w/ Savvy on GCQ

06:33 Bryson DeChambeau Swing Analysis – Coming up in the backswing

09:02 Aspect of Distance II: Width – w/ Mu

12:17 Clubhead & Ball speed analysis w/ Mu on GCQ

13:40 More on Width

15:17 Aspect of Distance III: Pumping the legs/Ground Forces in the golf swing

22:56 BONUS TIP!: How to figure out the right Tee Height for your Driver

28:01 Shawn concludes the Lesson


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