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THE MASTERS IS NEXT WEEK!! And the defending champion has a very enviable skill that so many of us would love to acquire: HOW TO FORGET THAT BAD SHOT AND MOVE ON WITH POSITIVITY AND CONFIDENCE!! The subject comes up often as to how the number 1 player in the world, Dustin Johnson, has the uncanny ability to forget bad shots immediately like water off a duck’s back, to allow him to bounce back with barrages of Birdies to keep his chances of winning very much alive.


This is an incredibly important skill to acquire and it is important to understand the science behind it to help with this difficult task. A couple of real experts in this field from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and the University of Southern California, Gabriele Wulf and Rebecca Lewthwaite, have some terrific info on motor skill learning at this website: Gabriele Wulf Podcast


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00:00 Shawn Introduces the Lesson w/ Sav & Mu

00:44 How to observe and analyze your golf shots w/ Mu

04:26 How the human mind utilizes its motor learning skills in relation to golf

09:00 How to observe and analyze your golf shots w/ Sav

11:20 What you should adapt to when you practice or play golf

12:57 Shawn summarizes the Lesson


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Consistency Series

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GC Quad article 2021: GCQ Numbers are Absolute


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Date: March 24, 2021

Author: Nick Randall & Shawn Clement


By now, the resolutions you made at the start of the year regarding your golf performance and general health have either become a habit (nice work!) or a distant memory (join the club!).

If you’re like the majority of people that struggle to make their resolutions stick, and find your game stuck at a constant plateau year on year, then perhaps you could benefit from some guidance.

Many people make resolutions or set goals without knowing if they are realistic or developing a plan for how to achieve them. This can lead to doubt, confusion and the tendency to give up when faced with the first obstacle or sign that things aren’t progressing as hoped for.

The teams at Wisdom in Golf and Golf Fit Pro have seen thousands of golfers try to get better through coaching, fitness or a combination of both. The people that we see achieve their goals tend to plan effectively, measure their progress and realise that making lasting and tangible improvements takes time and is rarely a linear process.

When listening to our clients tell the story of what they have tried and failed to achieve in the past, we hear the same mistakes over and over:


Golf Resolution 1 – “I’m going to improve how my golf swing looks”

Classic Mistake – Chasing positions in your golf swing, instead of feels and outcomes

This is one aspect of golf learning and instruction that has been absolutely ground to a pulp and has seen the worst results throughout the decades. The reason??

There has been study after study in sports science on how we learn motor skills and the majority of findings in the hundreds of experiments through dozens of top schools have concluded that when we think “internally” and think about the “how to use and move the body parts” to perform the swing, we performed very poorly.
But when we focused “externally” to perform a simple task to a specific target, we always improved at a very noticeable rate and eventually performed brilliantly!

Example of an internal thoughts:  “Make sure you keep the lead elbow straight while keeping the head still and down while shifting the weight from the trail leg to the lead leg to then turn the hips through the ball while keeping the angles in your wrists as long as possible before hitting the ball.

Is it even a surprise that this could never work???
Example of an external thought:  “use the sole of the club as a grass cutting tool (which it is) and whip the grass clippings towards the direction you want to start the ball.”

The term “whip” insinuates the activation of the human kinetic chain and the delivery of the chain into the direction of the target maintains the lag of the wrists until they need to collect the grass and send the grass clippings to the target.
The human anatomy is already designed to use leverage through the arm-wrist-hand anatomy to hinge and load the arm-club unit, and the self preserving nature of the brain-body connection shifts the weight seamlessly to the lead leg and foot to use the ground to move the body out of the way up until it is time to release the grass clippings into the direction we want the ball to fly into.
When you cut the grass, the ball compresses into the club’s face where the loft is and the ball magically leaps into the stratosphere on it’s way to the target and bliss then floods the brain with all the right chemicals making it very addictive to practice to keep feeling that feeling over and over again.
So, easy to keep the resolution when you have fun and bliss front and centre!!

Golf Resolution 2 – “I’m going to quantify my on-course performance”

Classic Mistake – Keeping stats for fairways and greens hit to inform directional control

The stat to end all stats is very simple but completely overlooked.

Say you hit your shot to the right when you were wanting to hit the fairway. You lined up your shot and went through your check list and finally got to where it was time to pull the trigger. What was going through your mind just before you swung?
The most popular is “trying to hit the ball” and the second most popular answer and close second is “I forgot” or “I blacked out” and the third most popular answer is “don’t hit it over there”.
All 3 of these are complete disasters in the making and the main reason golfers are so scared out there and simply play with hope and fear.  Now here is the proper sequence of events:
1 – choose a flight plan that you want to send the ball to
2 – choose an intermediate point in front of the ball at just 6 to 12 inches from a down the line vantage point which is using your binocular vision (the human’s accurate vision)
3 – predict that the ball will be in the way of your task-action to the direction of initial ball flight to the right or left or over the intermediate point.
4 – activate the pre-motor cortex by asking the brain “what is the feel of that effortless action whip through the grass in that direction which feels powerful and easy to produce where I could do that task all day as if it were my full time job?
5 – oh yeah, about like this! And you are mor staying with your task all the way into the picture
6 – observe flight and contact without judgement, because it has been proven that we are incapable of repeating our tasks exactly the same way. Which means we cannot ever make sure of anything which means if you even try to repeat, you will fill your system with tension and anxiety which will annihilate performance and cause you to choke.


Fitness Resolution 1 – “I’m gonna get more flexible”

Classic Mistake – Chasing rotational mobility / flexibility gains with limited understanding of how to achieve them.

In my experience, there are 3 key components to improving mobility – Self Massage, Stretch, Range of Motion

Self Massage is basically improving the tissue quality of muscle and fascia (connective tissue) through basic massage techniques using a foam roller and spiky ball.

Stretching is simply looking to lengthen the muscle.

Range of Motion is using the improvement tissue quality and muscle length and take the key joints through range of motion.

The video playlist below provides an example mobility routine for the hips – a major contributor to rotation and power in the golf swing. 1 set of each exercise for around 30 secs each side x 3 per week should get on the right track.


Fitness resolution 2 – “I’m gonna get more powerful, so I can hit the ball further”

Classic Mistake – Loading up the bar before developing the required stability and core strength

Lifting too heavy, too early not only increases the risk of injury, it can also limit your power producing potential. We need solid stability and core strength to be able to transfer power gains to our golf swing. If we don’t have a strong, solid base and the core muscle strength to transfer ground reaction force to the upper body, it can be a bit like firing a cannon from a canoe i.e. not very effective!

The video playlist below provides some basic level exercise ideas for strengthening the key muscles around the hips and core. Try 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise, 3 times per week.


If you would like to access a golf fitness service that organises the goal setting, measurement of progress and planning for you, then check out the following options:

Golf Fit Pro

Wisdom in Golf Premium Page

More online golf lessons


Co-authored by: Wisdom in Movement

THERE IS NOTHING MORE BLISSFUL THAN COMPRESSING A GOLF BALL ON THE SWEET SPOT OF YOUR GOLF CLUB!! In this video, we see 3 very simple tasks to get you to see and feel what it is like to compress the golf ball on the sweet spot of the golf club for soaring irons that stop on a dime and penetrate through any hurricane wind. ENJOY THE BLISS!! Also, we wanted to make sure you all knew ABOUT THIS NEW GUY ON YOUTUBE CALLED “GOLF LEGACY” here is the channel:…


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Retrieve Series…More to come very soon





00:00 Shawn Clement introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:03 Task 1: Two Tee drill w/ Shawn Clement

05:30 NEW DRILL! Two-Ball Drill w/ Shawn Clement

08:00 Two Ball Drill down the slope w/ Sav

11:44 Two Tee & Two Ball Drill w/ Mu

14:49 Shawn concludes the lesson


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THIS IS A BIG ONE PEOPLE!! This is where Wisdom in Golf gets to have a nice day in the sun being historically correct 15 years ago with the pumping action you now see in Bryson DeChambeau who has now officially taken over Bubba Watson as our go-to PGA tour player for demonstrating the right moves. Moreover, the quest for BIG SPEED, Bryson’s scientific mind has simply listened to the best physics teacher of all: Human Structure dealing with Planet earth. And lastly, will see 3 essential and critical aspects of effortless power in this video and see why Wisdom in Golf is your ticket to ride to acquire your very own action to target with big speed and compression. Absolutely enjoy this one!



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00:00 Shawn introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:05 Aspect of Distance I: Golf Grip – w/ Savvy

05:03 Clubhead & Ball speed analysis w/ Savvy on GCQ

06:33 Bryson DeChambeau Swing Analysis – Coming up in the backswing

09:02 Aspect of Distance II: Width – w/ Mu

12:17 Clubhead & Ball speed analysis w/ Mu on GCQ

13:40 More on Width

15:17 Aspect of Distance III: Pumping the legs/Ground Forces in the golf swing

22:56 BONUS TIP!: How to figure out the right Tee Height for your Driver

28:01 Shawn concludes the Lesson


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Talk about a fun thing to practice!! To have the permission to top the ball is very liberating because you are actually trying to miss the shot and you will realize you can be very precise doing it mainly because you don’t care how bad you top it! The great news is that you can be equally as adept at hitting the ball solidly and smoking your irons pure like Colin Morikawa!






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00:00 Shawn introduces the lesson

00:38 Task: Cutting grass with the grass whip

02:13 Drill: Perpetual Motion to find the low point of the club

03:00 Topping the ball!

05:17 Task: Cutting the stem of the dandelion or cut grass

07:19 Ball Position, Release of the club & PM – Drill

09:40 Shawn concludes the lesson


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Find INEVITABLE POWER in your golf swing today when you respect your anatomy and the way it engages in the greatest gift all athletes enjoy when delivering their powerful and explosive actions to their targets. Here, you see Savannah achieve 290 yard drives, Shawn over 300 and Mu over 350 yards with ABSOLUTE EASE. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!

Also don’t miss our magical podcast this week with Dr Karl Morris; on Golf’s Perfect Imperfections Podcast





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00:57 Shawn introduces the lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:59 Gentle Drive w/ Shawn R-H: Using the proper range of motion in the golf swing

04:55 Gentle drive instruction w/ Savvy L-H

10:12 Gentle drive instruction w/ Mu L-H

13:09 Shawn ends the Lesson




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TALK ABOUT BIG FINISH POSITION; You have seen the swash buckling HELICOPTER finish in ARNOLD PALMER’s golf swing and there are a few more HALL OF FAME PLAYERS like BERNHARD LANGER and BUBBA WATSON that come to mind as well! They all have a few things in common such as DOMINANT TRAIL HANDS and STRONG GRIPS that make their DISSIPATION OF EXCESS energy in their follow throughs WHIRL UP TO THE SKY LIKE A HELICOPTER. We also talk about the standard and traditional wrap around finishes that are equally as good for handling the big momentum that pounds through the ball and towards the target, so stay tuned, this video is going to be a lot of fun!!


00:00 Shawn Clement introduces the Lesson

01:17 Swinging at The Ball vs. at The Target

02:41 Drill: Throwing the club – Shawn Clement

04:59 The Helicopter Finish

06:52 Shawn hits some R-H shots with the Helicopter Finish

10:21 Shawn hits some L-H shots with the Traditional Finish

12:46 Shawn Clement ends the Lesson


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January 15, 2021

Author: Shawn Clement

Positional Golf Coaching


Positional based teaching is internal focus based learning.  Where one is instructed to place their body parts into the positions one would have when they are performing like the professionals we see on television.  This is extremely backwards thinking as the body positions of that particular professional were acquired as young kids sending a golf ball towards a target with no thinking involved at all.

Task-Based Golf Teaching 
Task based teaching and learning is when the student is given a simple task to execute and the body is performing this task without thinking and is simply reacting to it’s immediate environment.  This is called external focus and has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be the most effective way to acquire and keep motor skills through our “self preserving wiring” we have used for millions of years, passed on from one generation to the next, in the best ways of surviving and thriving.
Because we are already “Pinocchio without the strings”, what would be the point in instructing this machine to use all of it’s separate body parts simultaneously in performing what we perceive as a complicated and complex set of movement patterns?
When you say to a child, pick up that flat stone and skip the stone off the pond like this; would you need to instruct how to hold, when to shift weight, when to clear the hips and by how many degrees to clear the hips and when to let go of the stone after the hand has passed the elbow and the fingers have passed the hands?  We would have become extinct a long long time ago!
So now, let’s look at one of our core tasks that relate immediately to the task of swinging a club through a ball towards a specific target:  the cutting of grass with a “grass whip” or a “sling blade”.  In this video, you will see how easy it is to acquire said task, then become an expert at it within hours or days and not weeks or months or years.
Example: Wisdom Mehlhorn Grass Whip Training Series-Best Golf Training Tool
And for more in depth insight of what Wisdom in Golf offers in their style of coaching please go ahead see for yourself right here
Co-authored by: Golf Test Dummy (Chad Ferguson)