Masters Champion

Congratulation to Hideki Matsuyama for winning the greatest golf prize on this great green earth! We observe his awesome technique of bracing through the ball and into his flight plans to his targets to achieve big distance and accuracy and contrary to what people think, he hits his irons very high despite looking like we are ready to hit it low! This technique is what you would use to compress the ball as solidly as possible on all irons and woods. This video will show you so many advantages to this technique and get you the information you need to implement the very next time you get to the range or golf course. Enjoy!


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00:00 Shawn Clement Introduces the golf lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:10 Shawn Clement: How to stay braced on the lead side with iron golf shots

04:57 Shawn Clement: How to stay braced on the lead side with hybrid golf shots

09:00 Shawn Clement: How to stay braced on the lead side with your driver golf shots

12:39 How Hideki Matsuyama maintains his tempo being braced on the lead side

13:45 Shawn Clement concludes the golf lesson


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