round of golf

Hi everyone, Savannah here!

If any of you are like me and love to snack throughout the day but find it hard to find healthy nutritious snacks then this post is for you!  As a golfer who spends hours on the golf course, I need snacks that are easy to fit into my bag and that give me a little boots of energy when I need it half way through my round of golf.

I find it very difficult to find healthy and nutritious snacks that fit in with my WW program (Weight Watchers) so I have been on the hunt for some yummy snacks!  Now, you can of course go with simple fruits and vegetables for snacking throughout the day but that can get a little boring, right…?!

I found an online Canadian company that is kind of like an online grocery store but everything is health conscious!  It’s like a one stop shop for everything healthy which is amazing!  It is called Natura Market and the fun part is you can customize your searches based on what kind of “diet” you are following or what your preferences are.

Here are some of the snacks that I found that we love and order on a continuous basis! A little bit of sweet and salty!

Siete has quickly become our most favourite brand for snacks, they use the best ingredients and you do not feel guilty after eating half a bag of little cookies or chips!  They also make amazing tortillas that are grain free; they makes cassava and almond flour tortillas and we would 10/10 recommend!

Hope you try these out and love them just as much as we do!