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Advanced chipping hacks are here! Pure chip shots start right here! Duffing chip short? Skulling Chips too long? Lower body still while chipping? Epic Mistake! This video will explain why your contact, touch, trajectory, and direction are off on what should be one of the most simple shots in golf! One tool that helps improve all of these aspects of the short game is the @Lag Shot Golf Wedge that we show in this golf lesson.


TO GET YOUR OWN WEDGE FROM LAGSHOT: Lag Shot Golf Training Aid Lag Shot Golf Tool discount code: “savannah” in the US and “SAV15” outside of the US Golf Tips • Golf Instruction • Golf Lessons • With Shawn Clement ☞Wisdom in Golf | Wisdom in Golf Premium|


00:00 Shawn Clement introduces the golf lesson w/ Sav & Mu

01:53 The absolute musts for an anatomically proper chip

08:35 Sav demonstrates how to use the wight of the arm-club unit some chips shots

09:23 Lag Shot Wedge: training device for more efficient chips shots

12:25 How the arc of the chip works and how to execute a cack-handed chip

14:11 Shawn teaches Mu the cack-handed chip

17:00 Golf tip: fade path vs draw a path with chipping and pitch shots

18:35 Shawn Clement concludes the golf lesson


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