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Hi everyone!


One aspect of golf that gets most critical analysis is a golfer’s posture and I have felt the scrutiny in way or the other. In this weeks exercise I wanted to focus on the neck muscles and structure. Moreover, the neck is part of the body tends to get neglected is one’s ability to ensure their neck is stable and strong in the golf swing or at set-up over the golf ball.

In addition, today I wanted to share with you a great exercise taught to me from Golf Fit Pro (Nick Randall) and how you can save your neck from getting left out from golf fitness. The muscles responsible for holding your neck and head in good posture are deep in the front of the neck and strengthening them can be tricky.


The combination of a forward head position and a tight / weak neck presents a twofold issue for rotation in the backswing. Firstly, the head hanging forward and low inhibits our ability to rotate through our upper back because our spine is being pulled out of the neutral position from where is rotates most efficiently. Secondly, the tight muscles around the neck reduce the ability to rotate in our upper spine, often leading to unwanted head movement away from the ball in the backswing.


How its performed:

Placing a piece of light resistance tubing (or the Gravity Cap) over the crown of your head, aim to push up against the tubing, drawing your spine out of your pelvis and standing stall. Retract your chin and feel the deep muscles in the front of your neck working. Hold for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat.


For more great exercises like these, please follow this link here and gain more wisdom on golf fitness.