Welcome to Simple & Clean Eating

Hi! Savannah here; Shawn’s daughter!  I am a big foodie and so is my boyfriend.  We love to cook for the family and create new and delicious recipes every night.  My goal is to share weekly recipes with you all through this blog and I hope you all love it!
So….food… food is something that we can’t live without, something that is exciting, creative, and sometimes not all that great for you.  In our household we love our food and I mean LOVE!  Food brings the family together every night for some very important quality time.  We would like to think that we eat pretty darn healthy with the exception of a couple cheat meals here and there… I mean you have to treat yourself every once in a while!  As a family we have found that following the Paleo and Keto way of eating is what works best for us.  If you don’t know what Paleo and Keto diets are; they are in short very low carb ways of eating.  Now, we are not professionals so if you want more information about these diets, I would suggest doing your own research and forming your own opinions.
I will be sharing simple but delicious recipes that we make at home on a regular basis in order to share our love for good and most importantly HEALTHY food.  Writing a food blog is all very new to me so I will do my best to share our recipes in a fun and interactive way.

See you all next week for the first recipe!

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