Golf Exercise of the Week – Dumbbell Lunges



Hope you are having a great start to the week. For this week’s exercise we will be looking at the Dumbbell Lunges, a great exercises that benefits you in many different ways, especially on how you balance your body. Now this exercise can be performed with no weights as well if you are starting off with your fitness journey. The muscles you are targeting when performing this exercise is the quadriceps, gluteus max and mid with a little bit of core.


Benefits to Golf

You will notice as you perform the movement pattern of this exercise, the stability and strength you develop in the legs will translate to how you’re engaging the ground forces utilized in the golf swing. Its a very simple exercise that improves you ability to load your legs and then rise up under control with power.


How its performed:

  1. With the dumbbells hanging on your sides, stand up straight. Palms facing the thighs. Feet can be shoulder width apart or less than shoulder width apart.
  2. Take a big step forward with either leg and lunge until the thigh is parallel with the ground. Apply on the pressure on the heel. The back leg is bent at the knee while the balanced on the toes
  3. Don’t let the lead leg’s knee get past the toes. Step back to starting position and perform the same movement pattern onto the opposite leg.
  4. Then proceed to alternate between each leg until the end of the prescribed workout.



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