Golf Fitness Move of The Week – Barbell Bent Over Row

This week we have a great exercise that many of you may recognize if you have been at a gym before. This exercise is the  barbell bent over row which is a nice exercise for the building stronger and bigger lats (latissimus dorsi), traps (trapezius), rhomboids, posterior deltoids, and the other smalls muscles that surround the joint. Your biceps and forearms get recruited in the exercises but not in a major way.

The exercise can also be performed with dumbbells which would help increase the understating fo the movement patterns. So if you have never performed this exercise before then I recommend trying it our with dumbbells first.


Benefits to your Golf Swing

As many you perform the exercise, you will soon notice that benefit of dong the barbell row will translate toward your follow-through of your golf swing and improve your ability to accelerate with power in the downswing.


How its done

  1. Have your feet shoulder width apart and have the bar lined up mid-foot.
  2. Bend over with a slight knee bend, grab the bar with palms down, medium-grip and then lift the bar.
  3. As you lift the bar, keeps your hips high raise you chest and straighten your back
  4. Pull the bar against your lower chest or abdomen region and then reset to starting position



Barbell Bent Over Row Video



This would be performed 1 to 2 times per week

  • 4 sets
  • 8-10 reps

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Co-authored: Golf Fit Pro

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