Golfer Recipe of the week

Recipe of the Week- Seafood Boil

Hi everyone! This week I will be sharing our seafood boil recipe!  Seafood is a big hit in our family and when we get the chance to cook up some seafood, we take full advantage!  I would live off of … Read More

Recipe of the Week- Butter Chicken

Hi everyone! This week we are making BUTTER CHICKEN!  This dish is so amazing; it is so easy to make and you can customize it to your own liking.  My boyfriend and I have been loving this recipe for a … Read More

Recipe of the Week- Pan Seared Salmon with Avocado Salad

Hi everyone! I am back with another delicious recipe that we make on a regular basis at home!  This is a simple meal and it is not very time consuming which is key when you are hungry after a long … Read More

Pan Seared Duck with Cauliflower Fried Rice

Hi everyone! This week is about carb alternatives!  Now I have to be honest; I love rice, I could eat rice everyday but that definitely is not good for anyone.  Rice is high in carbs and for unfortunately for me … Read More

Weekly Meal Prep for Lunch

I am not sure why but I find lunch to be a tricky meal for me to figure out, especially since I usually eat at home.  I usually want something light and easy to make, as well as something that … Read More

Protein Packed Bowl

Hi everyone!  This week we are talking protein bowls… protein bowls are a huge trend right now and for good reason!  They are healthy, filling, and generally inexpensive when you make them at home.  The best part about these protein … Read More